Why I choose to have cold showers – And why you should try it too

This is a recent experiment I’ve been trying after being introduced to this concept by my brother. There is a lot of literature on this topic so have a look and learn about the amazing benefits as I don’t want to go into the science behind it here (I’d just be paraphrasing what you’d be hearing from others).

I have found that cold showers definitely give you a boost in mood. Afterwards, I feel energised and I always have a bit of a laugh at myself about the experience. There’s nothing else quite like a cold shower for forcing you into mindfulness and being present in the moment. That first intake of breath as the cold water hits your spine is always a shock, no matter how many cold showers you’ve had before. You can’t help but feel alive and it constantly makes me surprisingly grateful to be so.

It’s also extremely funny if you happen to be in the bathroom and watch your partner go through a cold shower. I highly recommend this. I guess you could call it a “bonding activity”? ^_^”

I’ve read that with cold showers, you can start off with standing under the cold water for a full minute and then advance to five minutes or more. I can understand the benefits from a mood perspective , but there’s a part of me inside that just can’t stop thinking about the water wasted. So instead, I just have navy showers, which is where I blast myself with cold water head first, then once I’m all wet I turn off the water completely, massage my scalp (since I don’t use shampoo) and then soap up my face and body. Once I’m all soaped up, I turn on the cold water again to quickly rinse off and I’m done! All the action happens in probably under two minutes, though I’ve never strictly timed myself. Another benefit is that navy showers are well known for their conservation of water and energy, so you’ll be saving money and helping the environment. The cold shower aspect will also boost your mood, energy, immunity, metabolism along with a multitude of other benefits. Seriously, look it up!

In saying all this, I do still have the very occasional warm shower though. It just feels nice sometimes and I don’t like to put pressure on myself to follow strict rules or ideals. I just want to do what feels right for me. But honestly, I think I’ve been converted. I highly recommend you try doing cold showers for at least a week. You will feel amazing. ^_~”

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