Conscious choices – Adopting a fur baby

Conscious choice: Rescue an animal; Adopt from a shelter
This is a pretty big life decision that I made with my partner after sitting on the idea for over a year. We simply decided it was a conscious choice in improving our quality of life to be able to adopt, love and nurture cats together.
The only criteria are:

  • We would be adopting cats – A practical decision since we are moving into a small apartment very soon. Also, neither my partner or myself have ever had cats before so it’s a new adventure for the both of us!
  • They have to be adopted from our local RSPCA Animal shelter – not bought from a store or from a private seller/breeder for profit. This means that the cats that come home with us will be saved from possible euthanasia if they couldn’t be found homes. They will also already be desexed, de-wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
  • We have to adopt two at the same time – So they can be friends and not feel lonely for other cat company.
  • They have to be over two years old – Apparently older cats aren’t as adoptable as kittens so they are more in need. As a bonus, older cats tend to have grown out of their need to destroy furniture.
  • They are preferably short-haired for ease of grooming and cleaning.
  • And lastly, they have both have to be affectionate (Read: borderline clingy) rather than a snooty kind of personality.

The big decision was made, but unfortunately has to be delayed as we are planning to move within four weeks and don’t want to uproot the cats so quickly. So we wait until June 2017 to bring them into our lives. So much excitement. Stay posted! (=^o^=)

*Update June 2017: My partner and I have finally adopted our fur baby! Yay! ^_^” There were a couple of unexpected deviations from our plan though but here’s what happened.

The adoption process: One cat or two?

Last Saturday afternoon, my partner and I visited our local RSPCA animal shelter and said hello to all the cats that were looking for their ‘furrever’ homes. The cats were sectioned apart from each other into those that had been exposed to cat flu and those that hadn’t. All the cats and kittens had already been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and de-wormed (or in the treatment of).

The first thing I did was check out the personal information on each cat such as their age and if they had any special needs. The younger kittens were super cute but wasn’t what we were looking for.

The first problem was that I had initially chosen two cats that were in separate areas i.e. one had been exposed to cat flu and the other had not. Adopting them together would mean that I would be purposely exposing one cat to the illness, which is something I didn’t want to do. After all, their health comes first before my wants.

I later had my eye on one black three year old cat who was super affectionate and curious as well as a five year old tabby who was quiet but had special medical requirements, while my partner had his eye on two young two year old cats who were already litter mates. The animal attendant that was helping us reasoned that the two younger cats were already friends and in the same pen, while the three and five year old hadn’t met yet and we didn’t know if they would become friends or even tolerate each other. So the easy choice would be the younger cats. Or just one of the other cats.

We went home that day and discussed our options. It made sense to adopt two cats who were already socialised, especially since it would be our first time having cats as pets. The easier things were, the better. But something in my mind told me to keep pushing for the older cats. After all, the older they are, the less likely they get adopted, right? Would I still be okay adopting two cute two year old cats out of convenience knowing that the three year old or that five year old might never get adopted?

The very next day on Sunday, my partner and I returned to the RSPCA shelter. We debated with each other and even got the three year old cat and the five year old in the same pen to see how they would get along. We were told that there were two types of cats: ones interested in human contact and the other more interested in cat company. The three year old cat appeared to prefer humans over other cats, while it was obvious that the two year olds preferred each others’ company. That was probably the deciding factor as my partner was insistent that the cat we adopted had to always love me, keep me company when I was alone at home and he was at work, and hopefully, eventually help me overcome some of the difficulties that my mental illness challenged me with.

In the end, my heart won out over the reasoning of our animal attendant and we adopted just one adult cat instead of two as planned.

Her name is Neko, which is the name she was given at the shelter and that we decided to keep (it means “cat” in Japanese). She is three years and three months old; a beautiful black domestic short hair cat.

Neko RSPCA profile pic
Neko the cat, adopted from our local RSPCA shelter

She is slowly and surely burrowing her way into my and my partner’s hearts.

Our new nest population: 2 humans, 1 cat.

^_^” ^_^” (=^.^=)

Thanks for reading.

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