Adding value to life by embracing simple adventures.

A Simple Adventure blog focuses on essentially two things: my continual growth in trying to live a simple and intentional life, as well as my struggles and growth in living life with a mental illness.

My blog posts have become a way for me to document my personal growth, finding out what works and doesn’t work for me, working out how I do things and why I do things in the way that I do, and trying to simplify the life I want to live overall in a way that comfortably resonates with my values. Living with a mental illness also definitely adds additional hurdles and I hope to clarify some things which may help anyone else out there who are dealing with similiar issues.

The focus of this blog would be trying to live a more simple life and grow in the areas of:

  • Intentional living (Minimalism and mindfulness)
  • Creating less waste (Practical low waste and low impact ideas)
  • Trying to live frugally and more sustainably where I live in Sydney, Australia
  • Figuring out life with a mental illness, specifically Bipolar II Disorder (Rapid cycling), but also with PTSD and anxiety
  • My experiences with a wide variety of different treatments and systems (Medication, doctors, therapy, hospitalisation, and more)
  • Ways to maintain good mental health
  • What I’ve learnt along the way (the thoughts and ideas I’ve come to embrace through my experiences)

Hopefully, reading about my simple adventures in these spheres will add value to your life too.

I hope you enjoy A Simple Adventure.

Let’s grow together.

Much love, accidentalbirds


Supporting a blog that focuses on intentional simple living, low waste, and living with mental illness

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog, A Simple Adventure, and allowing me to share my experiences and perspectives around simple living and my struggles in maintaining good mental health. I hope that every blog post I put out there provides some helpful insight and adds value to you. A lot of it was hard-earned through lots of trial and error and tough life experiences. If you choose to help me with the administration costs of running the blog, thank you for your donation and support. I wholeheartedly thank you and appreciate you and hope to continue to be able to share useful content. For those who can’t donate, I appreciate your support regardless. Please feel free to comment or “like” the blog posts that have given you value. Much love, accidentalbirds


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