Moving towards simplicity one adventure at a time

Life can be pretty overwhelming at times in almost every respect. We all wish for better and to see what it really means to be “living”; to embrace the potential in ourselves and continually change for the better.

Moving towards simplicity has become the concept for all parts of my life that I have chosen to embrace.

Having faced many adversities in my own life, for the longest time, I saw living as a burden and a struggle with no end. I was drowning in an invisible ocean; confused and conflicted. I felt that my life lacked of direction and purpose.

And then, I decided I needed to look for answers. Or rather, possibilities.

I just thought, “What if I decided that today was the day I would do more than I thought I possibly could?” I could take steps or perhaps even just let ideas percolate in my mind for a time. I wondered if I could really draw up the courage to change myself, even if just in the tiniest of ways. To simply aim for progress.

In a simple word the answer came: Yes.

Moving towards simplicity has become the concept for all parts of my life that I have chosen to embrace.

By choosing to be brave and go on a simple adventure every day to be a better me, maybe somehow I could eventually see what “living” really means for me.

I have researched and experimented with many lifestyle and product changes over the years so that I may eventually develop a framework in which I can live simply. This blog is just a way for me to document my personal growth as I explore the life I want to live and to hopefully add value to your life too just by reading about my adventures. Let’s grow together; moving towards simplicity and embracing all the adventures of life. ^_^”


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